Hello! So Glad You're Here.

Thank you for hopping on my train of thought! I will be your conductor, and will do my best to keep you entertained! 


I'm a writer by profession and passion. When I was 6 years old I wrote my first short story in crayon on a sheet of my dad's expensive printing paper. It was a story about a damsel in distress, and from that moment when I discovered the power I had over words on a page, I knew had to keep writing. 

So I did. 

When I saw my name at the top of a magazine cover for the first time, I became an addict to the thrill of having my name in print. So I kept writing. 

I'm now a veteran blogger of 10 years and a social media manager by trade. Here I have many rants and issues I like to discuss, and they are all connected to my truest passion: JESUS. The most important thing you need to know about me is my faith. I write because God gave me a gift, and I chose to re-gift it back to Him because of Matthew 25:14-30.   

My mind is like a train station with many trains of thought departing from it. But the one thing I have found is that all train tracks eventually lead back to God. All the joys in life, all the problems, blessings, and answers eventually begin and end with Him. My life's pursuit is to share Jesus as he has shared Himself with me in the little joys of everyday life, through major life crises, and in everyday problems. I hope you enjoy the ride, and thank you!